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BSD Revolution Freecoaster HubBlack

Imagine a freecoaster hub that feels like a cassette hub, weighs the same as a cassette hub, has a pedal gap like a cassette hub and sounds like a cassette hub. Sounds like a dream huh? Well now it's a reality. Introducing the new BSD Revolution Hub.

It's been tested rigorously over the last two years and we are excited to offer it to you now. Utilizing the Planetary clutch system that functions in a unique and revolutionary way, the BSD Revolution hub eliminates many of the problems associated with the heavyweight traditional cone style clutch design.


  • 30% lighter than conventional freecoaster hubs.
  • No gap when pedalling forward.
  • Eradicates unwanted engagement on rollbacks.
  • Feels and sounds like a cassette hub.
  • No need for oversized hub bearings due to low axial load.
  • Supertough hollow male 14mm chromo axle.
  • BSD hubguards included.

Planetary Clutch

The Planetary clutch is the control mechanism for the hub. While going forwards it ensures minimal slack, while going backwards the clutch creates maximum slack. Magical huh? It's also much lighter than a traditional cone style freecoaster clutch. Patent pending.

Hub Guards Included

BSD Jersey Barrier hubguards for both drive and non-drive side come as standard with the Revolution hub. They simply pop on to the cones and provide protection for your hub while making sure your grinds aren't slowed down.

Reverse Sprung Driver

The 9t driver is similar to what you'd find on a cassette hub however it has sprung down pawls, this enables the hub to stay disengaged until you pedal forward. Also due to the mechanism of the hub the driver bearings are not under high axial loads like traditional freecoasters.


Clutch: Planetary System
Shell: 6061-T6 Alloy Drilled For 36 Spokes
Axle: Hollow 14mm 4140 Heat Treated Chromo with 6mm hex ends
Wheelnuts: 4130 Heat Treated Chromo
Drive Side: RHD / LHD
Drive Side Hubguard: Jersey Barrier Drive Side
Non-Driveside Hubguard: Jersey Barrier West Coaster Plastic Only
Weight: 468g without hubguards